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We're a leading supplier of qualified underwear

Amor Lady is a leading women’s underwear manufacturer in South China. Through our comprehensive processing technology, skilled sewing team, and stable supply chain, we are able to produce any high quality lingerie product that meets your needs.

What is Amor Lady and what does it exist for?

Ms Cheung founded Amor Lady in Hong Kong, which offers high-quality clothing and accessories for women, as the brand’s name implies: to give every woman in the world clothing that brings out and enhances her natural beauty.

The Amor Lady company has successfully served more than 100 customers and groups in over 15 countries and regions since it was founded. 

Amor Lady also supplies top sellers and trendy brands in China’s domestic e-commerce platforms, and these brands have had great success on shopping festivals with Amor Lady’s products on Taobao, Jingdong and other. Amor Lady’s seamless bra, sexy underwear, and shapewear are also a hit overseas in Italy, France, Japan, and the United States.

Amor Lady does not only provide products, but service solutions. Innovation that comes from outside the market is useless, and solutions that fail to take into account customer needs are also useless. Profitability of our customers and brand safety are fundamental requirements for the launch of any lingerie line. 

The company was founded with the sole goal of serving the female consumer, unlike traditional garment manufacturers. Due to this, we can identify the latest trends in the women’s lingerie market with greater precision and speed than our competitors, and make them into products that help your brand profit quickly.

In the coming years, Covid19 will continue to exert influence, as we strictly control the entire supply chain, the production line, and the hygiene and safety of Amor Lady’s employees to ensure every piece of lingerie we deliver to you is more hygienic than ever before.

Beauty is what we love, and we want to bring beauty to everyone. We have the ability and responsibility to spread this belief in our field. Make Amor Lady your underwear manufacturing supplier, and together we will transform women’s lives into one filled with self-confidence, health, and happiness.

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Customer Reviews

The product improvements Ada provided helped us increase sales quickly. We're gonna keep our competitors busy, hahaha.
Sam S.
We have a very competitive market so we need more attractive designs. Their team proved to be very efficient and capable.
Judy W
I like that they can offer customization services in small quantities, which is perfect for my startup business.
Aria S.
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