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Adhesive Bra Manufacturer: How Amorlady Is Producing Bras Your Customers Can Stick With

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Sticky bra
Sticky bra

 1.We Manufacture New and Enhanced Adhesive Bras

 2.We Value Your Customers Comfort above Everything Else

3.Our Adhesive Bras are famous for Easy Maintenance

4.We Provide a Complete Instruction Guide for All Adhesive Bras  

5.Why should you work with Amorlady instead of other brands?   



An adhesive bra store owner’s choice concerning an adhesive bra manufacturer and supplier can make or break their business. Do you own an adhesive bra shop and would like to take your business to the next level? Generally, the best way to attract more customers and grow a business is to solve your customers’ problems. So, what is the main problem associated with an adhesive bra?

For most people nowadays, attempting to dress up in a backless, complex outfit is a petrifying scenario. Some of you are wondering how putting on a dress can be petrifying. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Putting on a backless dress is scary because you have to struggle with an adhesive bra that doesn’t stay put.

An adhesive bra’s problematic stickiness might seem like a simple problem, but sometimes the most simple problems are the most irritating ones. My dear, your business will suffer immensely if you continue selling adhesive bras that swiftly lose their ability to stay put. It would be best to choose an adhesive bra manufacturer who can supply bras with durable sticking capabilities.

Nowadays, most adhesive brands are not keen on ensuring that their adhesive bras can stay put for a longer duration. Essentially, the cost-to-wearability ratio of most bras in the market today is overwhelmingly low. However, Amorlady, an outstanding adhesive bra manufacturer, can help you exploit this weakness by supplying the best adhesive bras. Here are a few critical reasons you should drop your current supplier and work with Amorlady;

1. We Manufacture New and Enhanced Adhesive Bras

As an adhesive bra store owner, you’ve probably dealt with an irate customer owing to a dismal adhesive bra experience. It is in your best interest to avoid such situations at all costs. Can you imagine what would happen if a former customer walks in with a complaint when you are serving other customers?  Logically, you will lose valuable customers if such a situation occurs.

At Amorlady, we understand the impact that low-quality adhesive bras could have on the well-being of your business. Consequently, we have invested heavily in cutting-edge, top-of-the-line adhesive technologies that guarantee your customers’ satisfaction. As an experienced adhesive bra manufacturer, the company puts various critical considerations in mind when manufacturing adhesive bras. For instance, each customer has a specific taste and preference, which is often denoted by color, style, and support structure, to name a few.

We incorporate different styles, colors, and designs in the manufacturing process to consider specific adhesive bra target markets. The wide variety allows any of your customers to find an option that suits them best. Any customer who finds a color or style that fits her taste and preference is most likely to return for more.

Any experienced business owner understands the value of positive reviews. Logically, a satisfied client translates to positive adhesive bra reviews, which are good for your business in the long run. So, why shouldn’t you work with Amorlady, an adhesive bra manufacturer that can guarantee such positive reviews?

1. We Value Your Customers Comfort above Everything Else(Adhesive bra Manufacturer)

Most established adhesive brands tend to focus on the cost associated with producing an adhesive bra. In most instances, they successfully manage to minimize the production costs, but that often comes at the expense of comfort. Like any other underwear, adhesive bras play a critical role in determining an individual’s comfort level. Do you think you can attract new customers and retain them if you sell uncomfortable bras? Understandably, your customers will look for comfortable alternatives if you fail to satisfy their needs on that front.


The adhesive bra manufacturer you choose to work with informs the level of comfort your customers can get from your merchandise. At Amorlady, comfort takes precedence over the cost of production. Essentially, we have come up with a formula that enables us to produce the best adhesive bra at an affordable price. What are some of the main features that we integrate into our bras to guarantee maximum comfort?

First, Amorlady produces adhesive bras in different sizes. Why is size important? Well, people have different body sizes and shapes. The size of a bra plays a critical role in ensuring that whoever wears it is adequately comfortable. Choosing to work with an adhesive bra manufacturer that cannot deliver unlimited bra sizes is detrimental to your business. You can count on us for the best adhesive bra for large bust, medium bust, and small bust.  Apart from appropriate sizes, we use cutting-edge technologies to improve the breathability of all adhesive bras.  

2. Our Adhesive Bras are famous for Easy Maintenance

(Adhesive bra Manufacturer)

Most store owners are accustomed to nude-colored stick-on bras that customers can only wear once before they start following off. As a business operator, you understand that your customers are constantly searching for convenience in every product. Is a non-reusable adhesive bra convenient?

 Logically, the answer to that question is a no. Your customers have neither the time nor the money to keep coming to your store to get a new bra. The two main reasons they have to do that are because the previous one is non-reusable or challenging to maintain. For the sake of convenience, you need to choose an adhesive bra manufacturer that can deliver reusable and easy-to-maintain adhesive bras.

At Amorlady, we manufacture the best adhesive bras that are reusable and easy to maintain. Our eco-conscious self-adhesive bra types contain quality silicone that firmly adheres to your customer’s skin. More importantly, your customers can reuse all our adhesive bra types several times provided they are cared for properly. What are some easy methods that your customers can use to maintain their adhesive bras?

Well, it is always advisable to avoid moisturizers or cream before putting on an adhesive bra. It is your responsibility as a store owner to ensure that your customers are aware of this fact. The maintenance of an adhesive bra is not as complex as some people tend to imagine. Your customers simply need to wash their adhesive bras regularly with tap water and mild soap.

3. We Provide a Complete Instruction Guide for All Adhesive Bras (Adhesive bra Manufacturer)

      As I mentioned earlier, Amorlady manufactures a wide range of products that suit different tastes and preferences. As an experienced adhesive bra manufacturer, we strive to provide something for everyone. We manufacture a wide variety of products starting from a waterproof adhesive bra for swimming to a Superlite adhesive bra and everything else.

In most instances, each product has to be used in a different way or scenario. For example, an adhesive bra for DDD is specifically for individuals with large busts. You might not have time to explain such details, mainly when serving a group of people at once. If your customers pick out the wrong bra or choose the right one but don’t know how to use it, you will lose valuable clients. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

At Amorlady, we value your business and are keen on ensuring your success. Consequently, we have secured your business against such misfortunes by providing a detailed, easy-to-understand instruction guide for each adhesive bra. Wouldn’t you like to work with an adhesive bra manufacturer willing to go the extra mile to guarantee your business’ success?


Our adhesive bra instruction guide contains an extensive range of information, including a bra size chart and how to wear a sticky bra, to name a few. Essentially, the instruction guide plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction. Your customers will not have to go through the trouble of searching for tips wearing their new adhesive bra online.

Sticky bra
Boob tape
Adhesive bra sticker

4. Why should you work with Amorlady instead of other brands?   

Are you wondering why you should work with Amorlady? I get it. You can easily work with any other adhesive bra manufacturer that can deliver everything I have mentioned above. You can quickly type in ‘adhesive bra near me’ on your Google search engine and get a list of viable suppliers near you. What distinguishes Amorlady from other adhesive brands?

Let me tell you a little about who we are and the values we cherish as a company. Amorlady is an adhesive bra manufacturer located in China’s Dongguan City. We specialize in producing an extensive range of Women’s products, including adhesive bras, bra foam cups, and bra accessories, to name a few. Why should you choose us over other brands?

Amorlady, registered as HK AMOR CO. LTD, was established in 2008 as a trade and manufacturing company.  For over a decade, we have constantly strived for excellence in all our endeavors and established a rock-solid reputation as a leading reliable Women’s wear manufacturer. We have worked with several clients both locally and abroad during this time, giving us an edge over other adhesive brands. We have a deep understanding of the needs of Women’s apparel store owners.

We value all our trading partners and treat them as valuable members of the Amorlady family. We will work with you to propel your business to the next level by providing top-of-the-line products at an affordable price. If you are looking for a dependable sticky bra manufacturer, simply visit https://amorlady.com/ and reach out to us     


Adhesive bra Manufacturer
Adhesive bra Manufacturer


Email: sales@amorlady.com

Whatsapp: +8613763131481   


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