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Amor Lady bra is strapless, very soft and clear, the micro edge design and nude color adhesive silicone make it seamless and invisible under your clothing in a comfortable and natural way.

  • 【Safe】100% Medical Grade Adhesive Pasties. Stickiness of these pasties pass test, it serve its purpose with no harm and irritation to skin but not available on sun burned, irritated, or sensitive skin.
  • 【Breathable Satin Material STURME nipple covers are made of high quality satin, Gently molds to your breast shape, you don’t have to worry about your nipples showing thru your clothes, can be wore alone of bra-less or under a bra
  • 【Portable and Disposable Designed to be small enough to fit in a handbag. Made for one time use, very convenient and clean. A tip: moist your pasties with heated towel for a few minutes, then tear off them slowly and tenderly

Nipple Pasties and Nipple Cover: At last – an answer to going braless and free!

Back in the 1950s and 60s, when erotic dancing and burlesque shows were at their height, many women took to the entertainment stage scantily clothed. The facts are simple: While a nipple cover, or Nipple pasties, as they are also called, does have an erotic dimension to it, they also have real-world functionality.

While these fashion accessories and wardrobe add-ons might still be applicable in the entertainment world and the exotic performing space, they also have relevance in the “real world”. There are real-world issues and challenges that women face today, which can only be addressed by the use of real-world solutions such as an adhesive silicone bra, an adhesive nipple cover or a nipple pasties with adhesive.

Real-World Functionality

Today, nipple covers or Nipple pasties aren’t just about eroticizing a woman’s body or her wardrobe anymore.  In actual fact, they serve a very functional purpose, which many women may or might not be aware of. While some women don’t mind having their nipples or areolae outlined through their bras or clothing, many do. This is especially an issue among a demography of women who either:

  1. choose to go braless – mostly out of a lifestyle choice
  2. have a challenge preventing their nipples or areolae being profiled by show-through – even when they do wear a bra
  3. can’t find a bra, or appropriate clothing, that prevents intimate details of their breasts from being highlighted, which draws unwanted attention to their bodies – even though that’s the last thing they want
  4. prefer to wear sheer clothing, through which they’re unable to hide their nipples or areolae

In some cases, though, a woman might consciously choose to have the full figure of her breasts revealed – for instance when wearing lingerie, clothing made from sheer fabric or other intimate, revealing clothing. However, they may not be comfortable revealing their nipples or areolae. A nipple pasties adhesive accessory is just what’s needed here.

These are factors that make nipple pasties and the nipple cover a must have in many women’s wardrobes. But there are two other very important, though lesser known or accepted reasons, which make nipple cover functionality all that more important.


Today, there are more women in the active workforce than at any time before. Women work in front-line positions, in back-office roles, as executives and even in authoritative jobs. However, there’s no denying the fact that the broader workplace is still a “mans’ world”. As a result, women are compelled to “dress appropriately”. It might not be fair or just – but that’s how it is in the real world, and many working women realize that.

And that’s where a silicone nipple cover and pasties play an increasing role.

If, for any of the reasons previously outlined, a woman’s work wardrobe fails to shield her nipples or areolae from being highlighted – or even vaguely outlined, that may not be perceived as “appropriate” in the workplace. While a man might get away with wearing a shirt or top that highlights his nipples or areolae – a woman can’t!   


The other real-world reality is to do with situations that are beyond a woman’s control. It’s a known fact that women experience nipple erections when aroused – and it could even happen in and around the workplace. If that happens, then wearing clothing that highlight erect nipples might compromise a woman in the presence of her peers, colleagues and workmates. That’s one situation where an adhesive nipple cover might save the day.

However, research shows that there are many other (seemingly “random”) reasons why women experience hardening of their nipples – and none of those reasons have to do with arousal or sexual thoughts. It turns out that women’s bodies do experience physical and phycological changes that cause their nipples to become erect and areolae to become blood engorged. According to experts:

“… we found … goose bumps and nipple erection are caused by neurons that are specialized to regulate these functions by controlling the erectile muscles in these tissues.”

This results in puffy nipples, that are easily highlighted through tight-fitting bras, tops, shirts and blouses. No fault of women…but it’s still an “issue” that women must deal with. Once again, using silicone covers stuck with nipple pasties adhesive is a simple solution to the issue. Alternately, an adhesive silicone bra could also do the trick – but we must recognize it as an “issue” first, before addressing it with a solution.

Still, other women suffer from erect nipples due to environmental reasons. If the air-conditioning is excessively cold, that can trigger a nipple erection. Nursing women too experience a fair share of hardening nipples. This is acceptable at home – but in most public settings, especially in a work environment, it’d deemed “inappropriate”.   Of course, a perfectly functional solution might be using a silicone nipple cover that’s reusable and washable. Yet another functionality test that nipple pasties pass with flying colors!

What Women Want?

Sometimes, you might have a gorgeously tailored low-back dress that you really want to wear to a special occasion. The trouble with such dress designs is that they just won’t work with a bra! But here’s the challenge: Wear that gown or dress – especially for a formal, somber or professional occasion, and you risk show-through! As a result, many stylishly-inclined women feel handicapped in their work wardrobe choices.

Don’t despair! There are perfectly good solutions to these and a multitude of other challenges that women face daily when making tough wardrobe choices. One way to wrestle the issue head-on is with a silicone nipple cover. These wardrobe accessories are simple to use and easy to maneuver, allowing you to go braless without fear – and that’s what many women want today!

And then, there are days when women want to wear frilly, lacey dresses – more feminine cuts for more intimate occasions. However, you don’t want to look too “under dressed” either. With lace tops, the obvious choice often is a soft cup bra. But once again, the challenge of show-through raises its ugly head. What women ideally want is a way to wear the clothes they desire, without having to battle raised eyebrows at visible nipples. And that’s a situation that a stick bra or an adhesive silicone bra will address.

Most women want to wear clothes made from sheer or light weight fabric. However, the fear of displaying “headlights” often dissuades them from wearing their best. But, for women who want to still go ahead and don on their finest sheer garments anyway, the adhesive nipple cover is the most practical solution.

And then, there are days that women just want to go braless! And why not? Think of the time when it’s hot and humid outside, and you need to run an errand? Or, how about a full day’s work outdoors, making client calls or moving from site to site. It’s one thing to have to wear business formal or even business casual attire. But add to that a bra…and it’s just too much! That’s when an adhesive silicone bra will allow a woman to wear what you want!

But what if you want to go sunbathing at a beach – and are not comfortable doing so in the buff. Perhaps it’s not a nudie beach? Maybe it’s against the law to be nude in that area? Well, if that’s what a woman wants, then that’s what a pastie or a silicone nipple cover that’s reusable can help with. No more worrying about going topless. Never fear those bikini strap lines. The indominable nipple cover will do the trick every time!


For many women, their boobs are a distinguishing feature of their figures. Most women are proud of their bodies. In fact, a woman with a fine pair of breasts wears them with confidence! However, societal norms (i.e., “modesty”, “work-appropriate clothing”’ “solemnity of the occasion”) typically stifle a woman’s confidence by imposing wardrobe choices on her. And that can be a tremendous confidence sapper!

There are a number of studies which link a woman’s clothing choices to their emotional states. These studies prove that women who dress the way they want, are better able to express themselves. They feel confident about their bodies, and therefore are stress free and more successful – professionally, emotionally and intimately too.

Unfortunately, when women can’t wear what they want to, they tend to be depressed and sad. This is especially true in women who, despite having amazing bodies and perfect figures, aren’t able (or allowed!) to show their physique in ways that pleases them.

A woman who lacks confidence, simply because she’s uncomfortable in her attire, is highly unlikely to have good relationships or excel in her job. Having a stick bra that provides sufficient cover to pass the “workplace appropriateness” test can be a tremendous confidence booster. Not only will these accessories allow women to wear what they want, but it’ll give them the confidence to perform to their utmost professional levels.

Whether it’s an adhesive silicone bra that comes to the rescue, or whether it’s discretely worn nipple pasties that do the trick. Either way, a woman sometimes wants a little “assistance” in getting the confidence she so desperately needs. And these wardrobe accessories are the best way to get that confidence. And the best thing about it is, no matter what your figure is; no matter what your body type, height or weight is – there individual options for every woman to choose from.


Whether you want to wear what you want to wear at work, at social events or at intimate functions – indoors or outdoors, women now have multiple choices to opt from, that’ll give them the freedom to be themselves:

  • Don’t ever worry about “headlights”
  • Make show-through a thing of the past
  • Forget that “pokies” was ever something you dealt with

As a woman of the world, you now have options. And the best part about the choices you have, is that these options are discrete, they’re practical and, most importantly, they’re comfortable to wear all day, without making a woman feel self-conscious.  

  1. The first choice is a silicone nipple coverwith reusable These accessories are made from durable, yet soft and supple silicone, and may be worn repeatedly without fear of degradation or wear and tear
  2. The adhesive nipple coveris yet another option that’s simple to apply, and sticks on stubbornly, allowing you all the movement and slack without fear of moving, shifting from place or dropping or falling off. Yet, when it’s time to call it a day (or night!), they’re really easy and painless to remove
  3. Want to wear a low-cut top or sheer party dress, but can’t find a suitable bra to match? Well, the stick brawill rescue you from your predicament; or the adhesive silicone bra can come to your aid!  These amazing accessories not only stick to your breasts and grip hard – with no fear of ripping off; but they’ll also give you breasts a bit of a lift and instant firmness. Say goodbye to cleavages…say hello to the low back dress and the halter top!

The days of restricting your wardrobe choices, because of how your nipples show through, or because of your natural cleavage or breasts silhouette, are past.  Whether you’re an A, B, C or D cup, there are nipple pasties with adhesive that support you discretely. And whether you have a natural lift, or are looking for some help providing you a bit of lift to boost your confidence – there’s an adhesive silicone bra for the occasion.  

With so many choices to opt from, women don’t have to ever stifle their natural inclination to wear what they want…where they want to! Whether it’s at home, out watching a sporting event, at work in a boardroom with work colleagues, peers and supervisors, or out with an intimate group of friends. You’ll never worry about what not to wear – ever. Instead, the choice will be an affirmative one – what to wear that flatters your figure, brings out your confidence and doesn’t create show-through, erect nipples or “pokies”.

Nipple Pasties
Nipple Pasties

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