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Amor Lady bra is strapless, very soft and clear, the micro edge design and nude color adhesive silicone make it seamless and invisible under your clothing in a comfortable and natural way.

  • The strapless bra is the greatest companion to outfits. No more embarrassing showing bra straps
  • Made of sticky and skin-friendly silicone adhesive. High-strength stickiness keeps your chest in a good and comfortable position without worrying about falling off.
  • Easy to wear, no hurts when peeling off,suitable for sensitive skin.

Amor Lady –the Silicone Bra Manufacturer you and your customers can trust

Women’s Underwear and lingerie is a market that no retail business can afford to ignore. Amor Lady is a leading silicone bra manufacturer in China that delivers the utmost in style, comfort and fashion.  And with a range of great products at fantastic low prices we have everything to delight your customers and increase your profits.

Amor Lady specialises in manufacturing good quality silicone bras for women. Our bras are available in all styles from the wildly glamorous and sexy to the everyday comfy models and all our designs have plenty of support for larger sizes. We also provide a range of cosmetic boob enhancing products such as breast lifters for women, sticky boobs push ups, boob tape and more.  One of our most popular lines is the silicone adhesive bra which provides natural contour and uplift without straps and fastenings.

What is so special about silicone bras?

Silicone is soft and mouldable so it is perfect as a bra material. It fits to the skin exactly and will enhance contour and shape without being uncomfortable.  Once your customers discover the comfort and the great body shape that can be achieved by wearing a silicone bra, they will always choose silicone over other materials.

 Here in China at our factory we are always working on new designs and developments in lingerie with our extensive range of silicone bras for women as well as our adhesive silicone bras.

These days all the major retailers stock silicone bras including reputable outlets including Victoria’s Secret, Marks and Spencer and H and M. This is a growing trend that no retail outlet can afford to ignore.

When you work with Amor Lady in China, you can compete in this market and because our prices are so low and the quality of our products is so superior, you cannot fail to succeed.

Why choose the silicone adhesive bra as part of your product line? (A good silicone bra manufacturer)

The adhesive silicone bra is extremely popular right now and does not seem likely to be going away anytime soon. It is perfect for wearing with strapless dresses and low cut clothing where the sight of an ordinary bra underneath the clothes will destroy the illusion of effortless beauty and style.

The silicone adhesive bra improves the natural body shape and contour without any unsightly seams, straps or fastenings. It moulds to the body, providing support and uplift and thanks to the unique design and material is ideal for wearing in all occasions. The adhesive bra is supportive and it remains in place perfectly even throughout exercise such as dancing.  

Why the adhesive silicon bra is so popular largely comes down to the popularity of social media such as Instagram and the celebrities who set the trend for style and glamour. As a result, today’s generation of women take far more care of their appearance than ever before and have to look good for all occasions. The silicone adhesive bra is perfect for making the body look fantastic and has become a must have item for young women especially.

Why choose Amor Lady Silicone bras?

We are a vibrant company predominately run by women with an interest in style and fashion. This means that we understand our target market perfectly as we are interested in the same trends and motivations as our customer base. We are passionate about new design and innovation and our aim is to help women enjoy looking their best without compromising on health and comfort.

Amor Lady is a leading silicone bra manufacturer in China and we provide a wide range of products. These include the silicone bra, the silicone adhesive bra, breast lifters for women, breast tape and breast petals and more.

Amor Lady has been manufacturing breast wear for the last 10 years and with a proven track record and a stellar customer base worldwide, our company has established itself on the global platform. So If you are a buyer or a retailer looking to increase your profits by dealing direct with your own silicone bra supplier,  contact us by email or phone and see how we can help.

Amor Lady provides a great range of buying and branding options.

A popular option is to customise your own bra production

Custom made production is ideal for your market.

Amor Lady is adaptable when it comes to design and style. We have a wide range of models that can be customised to your own design including colour ranges and labelling. This means that we can work with your own requirements and special designs and create a completely unique product that carries your branding or label. Alternatively you or your designers can design your lingerie yourself and let us make it for you. Either way works for us and for our customers.

To find out more about custom production contact the company for more information on how we can help you, including your minimum order requirements and the availability of bulk discounts.

OEM is available

We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer so you can buy from us direct and either carry out your own branding or alternatively sell our products label free. All our OEM products undergo the same quality control as our named brands so there are no risks regarding quality. Our reputation is extremely important to us and buying OEM can be a great choice for many businesses.

We offer a superfast lead time and all sizes of order are available. So whether you are a lone trader wishing to enhance a small retail business or an international buyer from a major supermarket chain, buying our OEM silicone bra range offers you great prices and superfast delivery.

Custom Packaging is available

Another option is to choose custom packaging. We can pack all individual products for you and work to your own label design or logo. We can design the packaging for you as well if so wished.

This is a great option for many customers as it takes the stress out of creating another manufacturing process at home and is also far more inexpensive than packing your products yourself.

Custom packaging is not expensive and will enhance the visibility of your retail outlets as well as present the products in an attractive way to your customers.

About Amor Lady and our customers

Amor Lady is a silicone bra supplier to the retail trade and so we specialise in bulk orders. All of our customers are retailers or suppliers looking for good quality silicone bras at a low price.

We supply supermarket brands and wholesalers from around the world and according to our customers we are the Chinese wholesale manufacturers you can trust.

Silicone bra manufacturer
Silicone bra manufacturer

Although most of our customers do buy in large quantities our minimum order requirements are low so we can also work with smaller businesses. To find out more contact us by email.

Silicone Bras have many benefits for women and girls

If you are considering moving into the silicone bra market but have concerns over the material and quality and the impact of the range, rest assured there are some great benefits for women and girls.

strapless bra manufacturer
Invisible bra

Here are just some of the reasons why silicone bras and breast wear is so popular.

  • Silicone is comfortable. It is soft and comfortable yet it provides great support for all sizes which is vastly superior to other materials on the market.
  • Silicone bras keep their shape even after multiple washes. Your customers will find that their silicone bras wash better and at lower temperatures than other materials. We make a wide range of classic bras in silicone delivering comfort and longevity to our many customers around the world.
  • Silicone adhesive bras are a great way to enhance the boobs without the need for surgery. Many women stress about the size and the shape of their boobs so it is not surprising that breast lift surgery is increasing in popularity. However breast surgery is expensive and potentially dangerous so is certainly not suitable for all.

With an adhesive bra or our range of breast petals for women, your customers can improve the lift and shape of the breasts without the need for surgery. A silicone bra or sticky bra as it is sometimes called creates the perfect lift and shape for all sizes of women, thus improving self confidence and appearance without the need for dangerous surgical intervention.

  • Silicone adhesive bras are fun to wear. Once your customers try out the sticky bra, they will include this inexpensive item as part of their “must have” beauty kit.
  • Silicone Adhesive bras are the perfect undergarment for when you want to get dressed up and create an impressionThe bras mould to the body perfectly creating the perfect contour shape without seams, straps and wires. They can be worn for around 8 hours without break so are ideal for all special occasions.
  • Silicone Bras are perfect for social media pictures.  Many women are focused on social media and uploading selfies on Instagram and other platforms. These images are highly scrutinised by followers so they must be perfect. Only a silicone bra will enhance the boobs in such a natural and flattering way.

Why all retailers should choose Amor lady Silicone bras and other accessories.

Health and beauty is a fantastically lucrative and growing market. Here at Amor Lady we cater to this trend but without compromising on quality or safety. We offer customer support which is second to none and can help advise on customer trends and design. We are passionate about our business and already have a great reputation for customer service as well as for our many products.

Here in China we lead the world in manufacturing. We are fully compliant with rigorous standards and quality control and can provide you with everything you need and all at a bargain price without the need for any third party intervention or middlemen.

When you deal with Amor Lady direct you can keep control over your order. Dealing with us direct, maximises your profits and keeps your overheads down and in this competitive market where every cent counts, it is the most effective way to grow your market.

If you are concerned about dealing directly with a Chinese manufacturer yourself, remember that most household name brands are manufactured in our country. We are the world leaders in manufacturing across all sectors from electronics to toys and everything in between. We are rightly proud of our manufacturing base and here at Amor lady we are experts in what we do.

Silicone bras, sticky boob lifts, adhesive silicone bras, breast petals, boob tape and all types of breast lifters for women are available from our factory and as one of the major silicone bra suppliers in the world we are the specialists in this field.

Check out our catalogue and find out how we can help you. Here at Amor Lady we speak English and we are always available for contact via phone or email.  We offer fantastic low prices and a fast lead time on orders so whether you are buying in bulk for a supermarket chain or simply wish to stock a shop or small retail out let we can help. ( Silicone bra manufacturer)

All our customers are equally important to us so whether you are a distributor or a wholesaler or retailer, contact us to find out more.  We are waiting for you call and can’t wait to work with you.

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