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This bra is available in sizes A to E with reviewers especially raving that the cups stay sticky and in place for all day wear.

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Unpacking The Mystery Behind the Backless Bra: Once you try it…there’s no turning back!

Bras that have no straps or backs? Who would have thought of something like that? And why would a woman want to wear a backless bra?  Wouldn’t you feel sort of “naked”, or semi dressed? Ever since Mary Phelps Jacobs was granted the patent for what she called “the brassiere” – back in November 1914 – there have been questions about the bra. And now that this piece of women’s lingerie has been reinvented in the form of the adhesive bra, there are more questions.

Let’s address them so you too can reap the benefits of this amazing invention!

The Need of The Hour

Bras for women have always played an important role in the lives of women ever since 1914. Whether it’s Happy Hour, Cocktail Hour, a Night on the Town with the Boys, Girls Night out, or a Wedding Night, the need of the hour is always to gracefully cover your breasts. Notice the underlined word is “gracefully”. But there lies the challenge!

For some women, whether they are petite, big-boned, small-breasted or big-busted – traditional womens bras just don’t cut it!  Perhaps you have naturally sensitive skin, and easily bruise when a bra’s back straps and shoulder straps rip into your skin. Or, maybe it’s just that your body shape isn’t particularly supportive of an uplifting experience (pun intended!) for your breasts.

But even if you have a perfect figure, with well-proportioned breasts, your penchant for wearing low-cut dresses, backless gowns or strapless halter-tops makes wearing a strapped bra an issue. The need of the hour is a backless bra! These innovative inventions are now the rave, with designers offering both, the backless bra for large bust and petite women. No matter what the occasion, and no matter what your fashion sense, the invisible bra has fulfilled the need of the hour, and given women a choice of under garments that they never before had.

Evolving Technology

You may already have some experience with sticky boobs from back in the 2000’s– those nude-colored patches that clung to your nipples. Women simply stuck them on under their sheer dresses, and hoped for the best. With breast tape lifting large breast versions of those sticky patches, even plus-sized women could make their nipples invisible, allowing them to wear low-cuts and even lace gowns and dresses. But there often were challenges using those simplistic bra patches:

  • They were only good for a few hours. Then, the body’s natural oils, and sweat from your boobs and body made them slide and shift, often causing an embarrassing ‘drop on the floor’ or an awkward nipple peep!
  • They were uncomfortable to wear, causing women to constantly take “washroom breaks” to readjust the earlier versions of their silicone bra Sometimes, the discomfort would be so unbearable, that women just pulled their sticky boobsoff and dumped them into the trash!
  • The design of the early adhesive brawas rather crude. In fact, when worn over long periods, instead of discretely shielding your breasts, those early versions of the invisible bra became conspicuously visible. Anyone looking at your breasts would think you had a piece of cardboard stuck underneath your dress!
  • Typically, those early versions of the “hidden bra” were single use products. You used them for a nightclub outing, or to go out for an evening – and that was it! You’d have to dispose of them when you got back. Your strapless bracouldn’t even be washed. And if you did try washing them, they would go out of shape!

However, bra designers and stick on bra manufacturing has come a long way since then. Bra designing and manufacturing technology has evolved a lot today.  High-end backless bra manufacturers, like Amor Lady, have invented a brand new industry for designing and producing high-quality silicone womens bras.  

Today’s bra manufacturing technologies have allowed designers and bra producers to become more creative. They use different materials, more elegant designs, and have introduced comfort features that the earlier iteration of the push up sticky bra lacked. Not only has newer technology made the silicone bra a product that’s longer-lasting; but the comfort factor, introduced by designers and manufacturers, have made them long-wearing pieces of lingerie.

What is a Backless Bra?

Modern designers constantly redesign their clothes lineups every year. Necklines are continually plunging lower, and backs are lower-cut and more exposed. Even discrete wedding lingerie for a bride is challenging to find, because designers of wedding dresses and gowns don’t consider how bras might look in those garments!

You might say: Well, why not go braless? Well, that might be an option for some women, but many women feel uncomfortable going around without some form of breast cover.  

When you are woman with a small chest, or someone that naturally prefers backless dresses and gowns, your best bet is to choose a backless bra that’s devoid of the bulk and excess fabric and materials that come with bras with back straps. That’s because small breasts and backless dresses pose a particular challenging profile to fit using conventional womens bras. And that’s a challenge that’s solved by using bras without backs or straps.

So, what exactly is a backless bra, and how does it work? Well, as its name suggests, these are bras that have no straps at the back, like traditional bras have. The most popular and trendy versions of these innovative women’s lingerie pieces, are made from cups with self-adhesive properties, that stick-on to the skin. While ideal for small-breasted women, larger-sized women can also get a backless bra for a large bust.   

What’s the purpose of a backless bra?

Bras without backs are available for both small and large-breasted women. Because these bras are designed without shoulder or back straps, they are ideal for women that don’t want to draw too much attention to their breasts. Once stuck on, the sticky strapless bra adheres tightly to the body, and doesn’t slip out of place.

As a result, even if you wear a low-cut outfit, or a backless dress or gown, your bra always stays hidden – just the way you want it! Of course, this does not mean your breasts never feature as a means to create a physically attractive profile for you – it does! The backless stick on bra, is made from high-quality silicone. This gives it a natural flexibility like no other material – fabric, canvas or plastic – offers. The precision engineered lingerie then gives your breasts a slight cleavage – enough to make you look beautiful and attractive, but not enough to draw undue attention, stares or ogles. And that’s precisely the purpose of this wonderfully-designed invisible bra.   

Of course, it goes without saying, that a bra with no back or no straps is also easy to “handle” Unlike the “harness hassle” that many women endure with traditional strap bras, a strapless front buckle lift bra is so much easier to wear. And that’s one of the purposes of these remarkable inventions: They’re designed to easily go on, and come off! This is especially useful for women with droopy shoulders or boobs that make conventional bra cups a hard fit. Your push up sticky bra won’t let you down. Simply stick them, one breast at a time, and you’re done – literally within minutes.

And, if it’s a no-fuss, no-adjust experience that you’re looking for, then a strapless front buckle lift bra is purpose-built just for you. Most traditional bras require you to stand before a mirror for fifteen or twenty minutes, adjusting straps and realigning the back, after you slide on your dress or gown. But the strapless bra puts an end to that ritual.

The purpose of the backless bra is to do away with all that fussing and fidgeting, and make wearing a bra as seamless as putting on a ring or clipping on a pair of earrings. Simply slap on your stick on bra, and off you go for a day or night of comfortable, seamless, carefree bra-wearing experience. The high quality “stickiness” features ensure your bra stays put, and the fact that there are no straps or hooks to mess with, means you’re good to go as soon as you stick them on.

And finally, another purpose of designing the backless bra is to make it a low maintenance accessory. No need to machine wash it. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals or bleach to wash them either. Simply hand wash your sticky boobs, with water and soap or detergent, dry them…and you’re ready for another round of strapless bra-wearing!

The Perfect Fit Invisible Bra

Whether it’s a cocktail dress, an open-backed wedding gown worn by the maid of honor or the proud mother of the groom, or whether it’s wedding lingerie for the bride and her bridal party;  Amor Lady has the manufacturing capability and capacity to create a backless bra for every occasion. Our philosophy is simple: To create a strapless bra experience for your customers, that they’ll never forget.

So, how do we do that? Through innovation and modern manufacturing techniques:

  • Toughness: We use some of the most robust and versatile materials available in the business. Our silicone brais built to last – wear after wear…after wear! We deliberately chose silicone because of its inherent toughness. Your customers will not only love you for it…they’ll happily refer your bra to everyone they know.
  • Comfort: The softness of our silicone push up sticky brameans they can be worn for hours on end, without producing any chaffs or discomfort. Unlike many other bras of its kind, available on the market, our manufacturing process is designed to produce comfortable, long-wearable womens bras that your customers will love. Wear them for the entire evening…and never notice they’re even wearing lingerie!
  • Elegance: Some manufacturers see the silicone braas something “functional” – a product that women plant on their breasts – and that’s it. If lingerie, like bras for women, must be functional, then why shouldn’t they also be elegant? Of course, our designers and manufacturing specialists understand functionality is critical. But our bras are designed with poise and elegance at the center of their creation.
  • Discretion: What’s the point of wearing an adhesive bra, if everyone knows you’re wearing one? Our designers took a long, hard look at that question, and came up with a perfect solution – an invisible bra! When your clients wear our bras, whether they wear a low-cut dress or a backless gown – no one will know they have a stick on bra That’s how discrete our bras are.
  • Multi-sized: Whether you offer wedding lingerie fora bride with large busts, or whether your clients are predominantly small-chested ladies looking for a nondescript bra solution – Amor Lady has just the bras for them. Regardless of the size of your clientele, we manufacture sticky boobs for every size.

We are a one-stop shop for all your backless bra requirements. Best of all, our high-quality manufacturing processes complement the designs of your products. We use state-of-the-art technology to produce each item to your specification. No order is too large or small for us. So, if you are just introducing your new line of bras for women, and wish to start small, then small quantity batches are what we’ll deliver.

Backless bra
Backless bra

We also have the ability to scale up production if you need larger orders. For example, if your strapless bra becomes and instant hit, and your customers demand more of them, then we’ll also support you with mass production orders. Our production facilities are capable of meeting manufacturing orders of any size.

It’s Your Move Now

Do you have an order for sticky boobs, and need a reliable production partner? Are you planning to launch your line of push up sticky bra shortly, but have not yet found a trustworthy manufacturer? Perhaps you specialize in offering wedding lingerie for the bride and her entourage, and don’t want to trust an inexperienced manufacturer with such an important project?

Whatever your business plans are, you’ll find us more than capable of supporting you. Our experience is producing high quality lingerie, including backless bra, adhesive bra and stick on bra, can help you gain market share, regardless of which market you operate in. So, make your move and contact us now, and let’s get talking. We guarantee that we’ll respond within 24-hours – or earlier, if possible.    




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