Pasties nipple covers BREAST LIFT TAPE. Disposble breast lift ,nipple cover for women

Breast lifter with nipple cover no shoulder strap, no restraint, no back buckle, no trace, light texture;

  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light, natural wrapping and fitting the pasties
  • Anti-glare and anti-bumps: protect your privacy in occasions where you can’t wear a bra, prevent it from getting out and embarrassment, and can be matched with all kinds of fashionable clothing, especially tights, strapless clothing, backless clothing and low-cut clothing \Sling clothes\light and transparent clothes\wedding dresses, etc.;
  • The disposable nipple is made of satin cloth, lace cloth, non-woven cloth, etc., which are breathable and beautiful, so that the chest can breathe freely;

Why choose a breast lift?

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and an increased focus on celebrities, women of all ages are generally more image and body conscious than ever before. This trend may be regrettable but it is also a fact that we cannot ignore.  

The one feature that preoccupies women more than ever is body shape because it is a sad fact that once we age, so the breasts begin to sag , losing shape and becoming droopy and unattractive . According to plastic surgeons, as a result many women are turning to breast lift surgery in order to turn back time and to reverse the effects of breast feeding and gravity!

A breast lift is the most common type of breast augmentation. There have been medical scare stories about implants and so a breast lift sounds as if it should be a fairly straightforward clinical procedure by comparison.

The effects of a boob lift will make your body look younger and more attractive but this invasive clinical procedure is not without risk. In addition it can be painful, requires a long recovery time and it is very expensive.

Non surgical breast lift alternatives

If you are in the beauty business yourself, you will already know how many of your customers feel about their body shape.

All lingerie retailers from department stores, to independent shop owners will be very accustomed to customers looking to buy the perfect “breast lift” bra that gives the appearance of an instant boob lift.

In addition many retail outlets stock products such as breast lift tape that can raise the breasts and provide support when going bra less, and many of these are reporting that sales are up. Breast lift tape can be a good option for temporary improvement to body shape but it can be fiddly and uncomfortable to use. Boob roll tape can provide a breast tuck lift but again is not a comfortable option.

In truth, up to now, the only way to get the appearance of a breast lift was to have breast lift surgery but now thanks to our revolutionary new product, your customers can benefit from the advantages of a non surgical breast lift.

What is Breast Lift?

Breast Lift is an adhesive clear silicon support for the breasts. Manufactured from medical grade material, the two thin pads can be comfortably fitted over each breast, providing instant lift and a natural rounded contour.

 The Sticky bra is usually worn under the usual bra and repositions the breasts into a natural more upright position, instantly adding fantastic contour to body shape. It raises the breasts into position by the use of adhesive backed silicon and is simple to use and ultra comfortable to wear.

The Adhesive bra is undetectable. There is no messy tape and the product comes in a choice of natural beige skin tone or clear see through silicon so is ideal whatever the color tone of your skin. They can be worn when going bra less as this method provides support but many women simply wear the invisible bra next to their skin with or without a bra.

The Breast Lift doesn’t require any special fitting or specific size option. This one size fits all option is fully customisable to all shapes and sizes so even women with large heavy breasts can benefit from using it.

The great thing about sticky boobs is that this revolutionary new product gives you all the advantages of a surgical breast lift without the risk of having a surgical operation.

The Breast Lift is an inexpensive alternative to having a surgical breast lift but price is not the only reason for choosing this breast lift option.

Many women are unwilling to go under the knife and take the cosmetic surgery route. There can be risks to health and the surgery is invasive. By contrast an adhesive breast lift works immediately and the effects are instantly noticeable.

So what types of breast lifts can you achieve with surgery?

Let’s take a look at the types of breast lifts which are available as a cosmetic surgery.

  A mastopexy or boob lift is the uplifting of droopy breasts.  Many women consider a breast lift after breastfeeding because the fibrous bands that support the breast become distended and slack. Sagging breasts are also caused by aging or weight loss when the fibrous bands that support the breasts break down and stretch causing loose skin.

A mastopexy cuts away the loose skin and although the fibrous support for the breast can not be replaced, a surgeon can remodel the breasts and move the nipples to a more central position.

There are several different types of uplift depending upon your shape. Your surgeon may cut around the areola (nipple area) and vertically under the breast.  

Alternatively, your surgeon may make an incision under the breast and move the nipples to a higher level.

There are five different types of breast lift incisions so named because of their shape. These are the Lollipop lift, the Anchor Lift, the Donut Lift, the Crescent Lift and the misnamed Scarless Lift.

Following a breast lift, you will have permanent scarring for life and although these scars can easily be hidden under your bra or bikini top, they never fully fade away.

Other breast surgery options may include breast reduction with lift where the breasts are made smaller surgically in the same operation. You can also choose to have a breast lift and augmentation where you are fitted with implants so will have larger more upright breasts.

For millions of women world wide a strategic breast lift is well worth the investment because a boob lift can improve confidence and appearance so many women consider it is well worth the hefty price tag and the surgery.

However, this option is expensive. On average a breast lift cost will run into thousands of dollars. It costs around $5,000 for a basic breast lift in the USA. If you have a mastopexy combined with breast augmentation or a breast lift combined with a breast reduction, it will cost far more. In addition prices will vary depending on the quality of the surgeon and the country where you choose to have it carried out.

Not all cosmetic surgeons are equal. If you are considering a breast lift it is important to do your homework first and find out more about your chosen clinic. This surgery is complex and will have permanent repercussions on your body so it is crucial to choose by proven track record and safety rather than going for the lowest price option.

What are the risks of breast lift surgery?

A breast lift is not risk free. It requires the use of anaesthetic and this always come with a risk to health. In addition this surgery is extremely invasive and complex. Common long term risks include;

  • Scarring
  • Changes to sensitivity and feeling to nipples and breasts. It can cause numbness in areas across the breasts.
  • Changes to the shape of the breasts, especially if the wounds do not heal properly and create additional scar tissue if they should become infected.
  • Damage to breast tissue
  • If you plan to become pregnant , your new pregnancy shape may irrevocably change the shape of your breasts despite the breast lift
  • You may be unable to breast feed as the breast lift surgery interferes with the function of the milk ducts.

In addition a breast lift does not last forever. Cosmetic surgeons don’t tend to publicise the fact that a breast lift will not last forever. Many women find that the breasts begin to droop again after a few years so if this happens you could be back to where you started, only a few years later.

You will be encouraged to “care “for your breasts following surgery by always wearing a supportive bra and avoiding pregnancy, breast feeding and any major weight fluctuations.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a surgical breast lift is in any way natural. Although your breasts will look more upright and youthful in their new position, there is a high cost to pay both medically and financially.

A far safer option is to choose a more natural breast lift option. This can provide the appearance of enhanced breast lift, making the body look more shapely and youthful.

Our invisible bra product is easy and safe to use. It keeps the customer in control over their bodies and because it is so safe there are no worries about choosing the right surgeon, paying the bill for a boob lift or any risk of causing damage by botched surgery or side effects.

Breast Lift is manufactured in China

Here at our Breast Lift factory in China we are working round the clock to keep up with demand for our unique instant breast lift product.  And according to our wholesale customers, the women using this revolutionary new product are reporting fantastic benefits including greater confidence and satisfaction levels with their body shape.

Don’t miss out on this major sector in the beauty market

The women’s beauty sector is a major market. The cosmetics sector alone is worth $511 Billion worldwide. And according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons although cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, Botox and face lifts are popular, breast augmentation, including surgical breast lifts top the list of treatments. These are the most popular cosmetic procedures out of the 5.9 million surgical procedures that were carried out in 2019 in the USA alone.

This means that our non surgical Breast Lift is a part of a major trend in beauty products that not only satisfies millions of potential customers, it is an extremely profitable line that you cannot afford to miss.

Buy direct from the manufacturer to maximise your profits.

Buy direct from China and take advantage of the world leading manufacturing centre without paying extra to middlemen and importers.

In addition we can work with your requirements.

We can provide custom packaging for our wholesale customers as well as individual branding if required. And if you haven’t worked directly with a Chinese manufacturing company before you will be amazed at how easy it can be.

We only deal direct with wholesalers but minimum order quantity is available. We are happy to deal with all types and sizes of wholesale buyers, whether you are a distributor to the industry, a major retail outlet or a proprietor of an independent business such as a high street shop, beauty salon, pharmacist or anything in between. So if you are considering becoming breast lift wholesaler we can work with your requirements.

The Breast Lift is a great way to help women feel good about their bodies while maximising profits.

The Breast Lift is a great way to help women feel good about their bodies. It is inexpensive and gives instant results and can be a great added product line for any beauty orientated business. This product sits well in any lingerie business and if positioned on sale with bras and underwear, you will find that many customers will add it to their shopping basket without thinking twice about it.

Once your customers have tried the adhesive breast lift, they will return so you can expect plenty of return customers who will be actively looking to buy this product.

Some women will only use the Breast Lift for special occasions, such as when they want to wear that stunning dress or make a special impact. Others will use the Sticky boobs on a more regular basis such as every day for work. For you the retailer, you can profit from extra sales as many women will try the product if they see it on sale in your outlet.

To find out more about Breast Lift get in touch with our company now

To find out more about Breast Lift, contact our company direct and check out our pricing options. We offer great deals to wholesalers and also provide full branding customisation so that you can market the Adhesive bra under your own label.

In the competitive world of retail, the Push up bra provides a fantastic return and because it is so easy to use, effective and hassle free, many retailers are already benefiting from stocking our product.

Far more effective than breast lift tape DIY, better than boob tape and far safer and cheaper than a surgical breast lift, our Breast Lift Stickers fulfil a gap in the market that is already proving extremely popular with thousands of women.  If you are retailer operating in this market, the sticky bra is one product that you really cannot afford to miss out on.

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