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  • Workout Sets for Women Seamless Elastic Tops High Waisted Shorts Yoga Outfits providing a little lift.
  • Eco-friendly underwear, activewear and essentials for women and men. Perfect for layering, working out, going to the gym, outdoor sports, and training
  • Make your own unique activewear sewing wardrobe that’s perfect for your workout.

The rise of gym wear!  New trends in leisure that you cannot afford to miss out on!

The COVID pandemic has had some unexpected consequences and not all of them bad. According to statistics almost two thirds of adults in the UK consider exercise to be far more important than it was before the pandemic. Other countries including the USA, European countries, Australia and New Zealand report the same findings. This has to be good news for individual wellbeing and for the overall health of the population.

It is also great news for retailers. It means that gym wear, fitness apparel and workout clothes are now increasingly popular with customers of all types and all ages. Everyone has got the exercise bug and as a result the global activewear market is growing.

According to statistics the activewear market  is poised for a sharp increase. In 2020 the global activewear market was worth 353.5 billion dollars. This is predicted to rise to a whopping 439.2 billion dollars by 2026.

 So if you are a retailer, such as a sportswear vendor, supermarket or a buyer for a large retail organisation, you cannot afford to miss out on gym clothes that target this growing market.

Buying directly from a gym clothing manufacturer in China is the best way to grow your profits and satisfy your customers who are looking for great quality combined with smart prices.

As a gym clothing manufacturer in China we work with wholesale customers around the world. These include some of the leading supermarket brands and we are already providing great quality and low prices to leading retailers around the world.

Gym Wear Ladies

In the USA, women’s fitness apparel generates the majority of all sportswear revenue, a pattern which is followed around the world. Women tend to use different types of fitness apparel to suit their different activities so will buy more gym wear products than men, Women also use gym wear as street wear and leisure wear, so it has to look good.

This means that your customers will return to you on a regular basis if they take up a new sports activity or if they just like the look of your gymwear.

We provide a range of gym wear for women including workout leggings, gym leggings bra tops and gym tops. All these are ideal for looking good and for working out in the gym.

We also manufacture other fitness apparel including running clothes women, yoga sets for women and even bodybuilding workout clothes for women.

As a leading gym clothes manufacturer we completely understand our target market. Our gym clothes, leggings and bra tops are completely functional as well as fashionable. They can be used for exercise and working out but are also completely on trend.

The most popular types of exercise for women

Whereas men generally turn to the gym, running or bodybuilding, women in general have a wider span of activities to choose from.

Many group activities aimed at women have a very social aspect where it is important to look good throughout the activity.

Yoga is one of the most popular activities for women. This can be carried out wearing leggings and a bra top or alternatively yoga set which features a stretchy comfortable tight fitting top and leggings.

Strength training is also becoming popular for women’s fitness. Gym clothes including leggings or shorts and stretchy tops teamed with matching leggings that are easily washable are ideal for strength training.

Zumba and dance classes are great fun and are incredibly popular for all ages. Everyone wants to look good when they are dancing so good looking gym clothes such as fashionable leggings, colourful gym tops or bra tops if the class is active, are ideal activewear for these types of activity.

Getting hot and sweaty at the dance class is all part of the health experience so good quality gym wear that has plenty of ventilation and is easily washable are  very important  features for active wear for women.

In general younger women tend to prefer go for organised classes such as Pilates, dancing, kick boxing and yoga whereas men tend to favour organised sports such as soccer , golf and rugby.

Throughout the pandemic, many women have switched to exercising alone such as running, walking, cycling and following exercise videos including Peloton from the home.

Now that we are all recovering from the pandemic, it seems likely that women will be returning in droves to organised exercise classes. There is already a surge in sales of gym wear for women as well as running clothes for women, as all the classes, clubs and gyms open again.

Gym Clothing Brands

Gym clothes such as leggings and bra tops or running clothes for women need to be attractive as well as functional. Here in China, we produce activewear for women in a wide range of colours and designs and we fully understand market trends.

The craze for black and pink exercise clothing for women for example is already looking dated. As a leading gym clothing manufacturer we provide a wide range of colours and designs to suit all shapes and sizes and all types of exercise activity.

Own label branding

Work with a gym clothing manufacturer in China and you can create your own branding if so wished. When you buy fitness wear direct from the manufacturer, you can create your own label, adding value to your range of fitness apparel.

Whether you are looking to add gymwear to your clothing range in your supermarket or your sports retail outlet, own label branding is a great way to attract savvy customers who enjoy the cachet of wearing a named brand.

Alternatively, why not choose from our wide range of own brands? A good quality gym clothing manufacturer will be able to offer you the perfect option that is most suitable to your needs.

Gymshark International

Many of the leading gym clothing brands including Gymshark International are manufactured in China. This is an ultra popular brand of gym wear on sale from many leading retailers.

Gymshark leggings and Gymshark gym wear is well known for high standards of quality, innovative design and is trendy brand that everyone is talking about. Made in China, Gymshark gym wear is ultra fashionable and is the brand that attracts attention on the street as well as in the gym. Other less well known brands may not attract as much attention as Gymshark but will often be manufactured to the same high standards of quality and design.

Why choose a gym clothing manufacturer in China?

China is home to the textiles industry so you can be sure that your activewear is made from high quality materials including Lycra blends, meshes and cottons to ensure comfort and longevity.

All our gym wear and fitness apparel fully conforms to international standards of quality that are present in your own country. And with our superior manufacturing base, high levels of workmanship and low prices, working directly with sports clothing manufacturers in China is a fantastic way to grow profits.

You cannot beat the prices on offer from the sports clothing manufacturers in China. A gym clothing manufacturer in China will deliver the best quality gym wear for the best prices in the world. And in today’s market where every cent count, buying fitness apparel direct from the manufacturer helps you stay competitive in a crowded market.

The Fitness apparel market is booming worldwide

The fitness apparel market is booming worldwide. Looking fit, losing weight and taking care of yourself is becoming increasingly fashionable especially with younger women. In addition fitness apparel is comfortable. This is a growing trend that brings comfort to women’s clothing without sacrificing style. Our gym leggings are ultra fashionable. They are ideal for wearing in the gym or as running wear, but they are also high fashion items.

Some of the most popular lines…

We provide a wide range of activewear available to wholesale buyers for wholesale prices.

Some of our most popular lines include gym tops and bra tops. We also provide women’s running tops, all types of running clothes for women, leggings, yoga sets for women, body building workout clothes and women’s workout clothes of all types.

Many women like to keep a set of gym clothes for each different activity. In addition, most women will buy several sets of fitness apparel so that they always look good both on the street and while they are exercising.

The activewear market is too good to miss

The activewear market is too good to miss right now. So if you want to stay on trend and maximise your revenue, reaching out to a gym clothing manufacturer in China is good move for all retail businesses. After all buying in your gym wear direct from the manufacturer will help your profits stay as fit and as healthy as your retail customers!

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