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Plus Size Bras: Helping Women with Bigger Busts Discover the Lingerie They Crave

If you want to help plus-size women feel sexy by selling sell lingerie to them, a plus size bra manufacturer like Amor Lady is the right partner you should look for. With our expertise and industry experience, you don’t have to produce the products yourself; instead, you only have to order bulks of them from us and we produce them for you. Plus, you can order designs and styles that you think will hit your market.

For many plus-size women, finding the right bra with the perfect fit can be a nightmare. We can design bras that fit a more generous body type. Typically, this bra comes with design elements that improve its fit and comfort. You may find bras with a wider band, wider straps, proportional bra cups, and other design features. Also, it can be designed to fit better than a standard bra simply made in a bigger size. The sizing of a plus size bra ranges from 38-54 + band sizes and A-K + cup sizes.

Buy And Custom Your Plus Size Bras from Amorlady Is Your Best Choice

Custom bras for plus-size women are designed specifically for their breasts to deal with any issues they might be facing when their buy bras. Usually, when you buy bras from Amor Lady to sell to your customers, you consult with a fitter to discuss your requirements. For instance, if you are looking for bras that fit women with asymmetrical breasts, you can order bras tailored to the bigger breast with an insert for the smaller one to create symmetry. Also, our plus size bras factory can adjust the straps, depending on whether you need bras for those with broader or smaller shoulders, a petite back and fuller bust, or broader with and smaller breasts. You will be advised as to what options work best for your requirements including the cuts, bandwidths, straps, as well as the number of hooks and eyes. We make sure you will end up with bras that fit and flatter your customers’ bodies.

Aside from size customisation, design customisation is available possible with plus-size bras that you can order from Amor Lady. Customising bra designs allows for greater expression of a woman’s personality and gender identity. A wearer can order a bra designed with lots of ruffles, bows, and laces or those without bows, floral patterns, and laces, depending on their preferences. By ordering several bra designs from us, you give your customers a variety of options to choose from. As our partner, you can confer with us on how much input and control you must have over your order’s process while we make some decisions based on our expertise.

OEM is Available, Quick Lead Time and Best Quality Control

Amor Lady is both an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM). As an OEM, we produce the product based on given design specifications. By engaging in our services, you can use our external production capacities. And as an ODM, we also create the design and specifications of lingerie that you can rebrand to sell the products as your own. You can usually sell the products we design and make at competitive prices because of the decreased cost incurred in manufacturing them.

Our OEM solutions are perfect for you if you don’t have the expertise or means to establish your own factory production, especially in China where you can take advantage of skilled labor and affordable supply chains. The main benefit you will get when you opt for our OEM service is the cost-effectiveness of our products. With us, you benefit from the economies of scale because we create bulk amounts of goods for you. Plus, you can get high-quality plus size bras since we have them tested according to our testing standards. When you enter into an agreement with us, you are outsourcing the production of bras you want to sell to your target customers. As our process is more efficient than when you do it on your own, you can take advantage of lower prices, specialised goods, and higher quality goods. When you let us produce the lingerie you need, you will have more time to concentrate on core operations.

We cater to bulk order suppliers and retailers across the globe. Our educated advisers help you pick the right product that fits all your preferences, guarantee excellent handle, and promise a short manufacturing time. As a plus size underwear manufacturer, we set strict quality control during production to meet international quality standards. We work to improve the quality of their products and create beautiful pieces that women around the world are attracted to. So why go to us?

If you partner with an OEM like us, you can expect a quicker response because of the less time required for identifying and producing bras because of our access to original drawings. We wish to turn enquiries around at the least amount of time possible and closely monitor our on-time delivery performance. In addition, because we supply bras that fit and perform to our specifications, you can be sure to offer quality bras to your customers. As a result, you can save money, maintain a good reputation for quality, and minimise quality-related issues.

You can easily order the best plus size bras for women here are at Amor Lady. We have a department to help you find the perfect bras to meet the demands of your customers. When you buy from us, you can be sure you are getting high-quality, dependable pieces of underwear. Buying aftermarket underwear or off-brand pieces means that you do not have control over the products’ durability and quality. But, we design bras to be best-suited to your specifications.

Why Plus Size Bras Is Needed for The Market

The growing complaints from consumers regarding the lack of diversity in the lingerie world put pressure on brands to deliver a greater variety. What a woman wears beneath her clothing is a significant part of self-representation and a way to communicate her identity to others. Before plus-size women had limited identities they could show but the availability of a plus size bralette and bra that can be customised to women’s taste and preference has given them a way to be recognised.

The variety of lingerie available for plus-size women has given the much-needed confidence to them who used to compromise with traditional, untrendy lingerie. Plus-size bras have provided them with a positive experience.

Today’s women will explore all options available and communicate their voice on things that matter to them including their demand for stylish bras that fit their body type. The growing demand has compelled brands to expand their offerings with more options in terms of design and style for bras that plus-size women can wear. As this underwear becomes more available these days than ever, voluptuous women become prouder of their shape and more confident with it. Here are things women love about these bras:

  • Because a lot of women have to depend on major labels to offer them some bra styles each season, many are walking around wearing the same bras. Thankfully, we offer stylish and unique plus size lingerie carefully crafted by experts. By getting custom bras for plus-size women from us, you help them wear something special and unique.
  • A woman who is looking for her dream bra wants to end up with one that both feels and looks great. The high-quality sexy plus size bras from us feel comfortable in one’s skin. With our offers, women don’t need to settle for bras that do not fit or with straps that tend to dig at their shoulders. Your customers won’t need to let wires squeeze them until they have bruises.
  • Comfortable and stylish plus size bras double as pieces of lingerie after wearing them all day under the clothes. Gone were the days when women wear their bras only to the office.
  • Ability to make the wearer feel beautiful. The majority of women who need extra large bras will struggle to find the perfect bras for them. This is because bras for bigger busts tend to be dull and anything but sexy. As a result, women may feel left out. Luckily, we can provide high-quality and stylish that make the wearer feel confident and beautiful. Finally, they can feel proud of owning bras that are just my size. By letting us produce the bras for your market, your customers do not need to wait for mainstream brands and retailers to figure out what women with bigger cup sizes want. The bras we create using our craftsmanship let women enjoy the frills, sophisticated cuts, and jewels that only women with regular bust sizes have been enjoying.   

Plus Size Bras We Can Create that Make a Statement

With the sexy plus size bras from us, your customers will feel beautiful inside-out. Here are pieces that your customers can add to their lingerie wardrobe:

  • Sexy backless bra. This bra can add some glamour to a wearer’s backless outfit and help her carry herself with confidence. It is ideal for attires with sheer backs or those backless without showcasing the brand of the bra through the dress. By wearing this bra with ones’ party wear dress, a woman can enjoy the event with style. So, whether you wish to provide your customers with H cup brasor an F cup bra, we can design and manufacture them for you.
  • Strapless bra.This bra is designed for women who want to wear beautiful off-shoulder dresses and tops. At Amor Lady, we can provide strapless bras in plus sizes that offer full support and great coverage to the wearer’s bust, highlighting her beautiful bustline. We will use soft and comfortable fabric to make the wearer feel the greatness of it all day long.
  • Lace bras. Today, plus-size women can also wear a big size brain lace to give their daily look a stylish and sexy look.
  • Soft padded bra. This bra is perfect for women who prioritise comfort over style. It comes with light padding that provides the wearer with the best fit, support, and comfort.
  • Moulded bra. This bra is the best fit for curvy women as it provides great coverage and shape without giving the wearer’s bust more volume. And since the cups have no seams, the wearer enjoys smooth silhouette coverage.
  • Wirefree bra.This large chest bra does not have any rigid or hard material. It will not give the wearer the enhancement or upliftment that wired bras offer, making it a comfortable day bra for a curvy woman.
  • Underwired bra. This is the best bra for a woman who has a heavy bust as it can offer her a great lift to her sagging bust under any costume. It can contour the bust’s shape and offer a round shape to the bust as lifts it.

Packaging Custom Is Available

You can spice up the presentation of your lingerie and make every piece look brilliant and elegant with custom packaging. We offer this packaging in beautiful colours, designs, and prints to make your items attractive. Just like our bras themselves, the packaging they come with is of high quality, ensuring it does not break or get damaged during transit. We use safe and non-toxic packaging materials which make them appropriate for handling. In addition, our packaging options are available with exciting features like easy preparation for use. These provide great protection to the packaged products, ensuring they can’t be exposed to moisture and other harmful elements.

As a plus size bras supplier, we understand how a product’s packaging will influence a consumer’s buying decision. So, we provide exceptional packaging along with your bulk orders. We can also customise this packaging to your specifications.

At Amor Lady, you don’t have to start a business from scratch. Once you have the capital, you can order bras on a wholesale basis from us and start selling them to your target audience. As a leading Plus size Bra Manufacturer in China, we have the manufacturing and design expertise will ensure your products will be noticed on the market. We can help you in the product design stage so you can offer your customers the diversity they may be craving.




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