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Plus size sexy lingerie for women

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Plus size sexy lingerie for women

Plus size sexy lingerie for women: Empowering women with self-confidence

Many of us with plus size bodies watch TV or go to the movies, and see the stereotypical “hourglass” bodies on screen, and get depressed. The fact is that today, those 36-24-36-inch bodies are no longer relevant. Plus size sexy lingerie for women has changed the way intimate partners, lovers, husbands and spouses look at women’s bodies. But, what many plus-size women don’t realize is that sexy undergarments, like a Babydoll sexy lingerie set, or a pair of see-through lace bra and panties, do more for them than simply enhance love, sex and intimacy.

What you choose to wear in intimacy, can have a huge impact on your personal, social and professional life. How? And why? Read on to get the answers to those, and many other questions about why sexy undergarments have more power than a skimpy black sexy dress has.

Looking Sexy – No reason required!

Here’s the simple truth: sexy lingerie for women makes women sexy! It really doesn’t matter what your body shape is. It matters not what your bust size is. And the size of your hips, thighs and butt shouldn’t matter at all. That’s especially true for us, plus-size women. We feel that we must put extra effort into looking sexy and desirable. Well…not really! How we look shouldn’t matter to anyone. Not to anyone, but to you and the one you love!

Plus size sexy lingerie for women
Plus size sexy lingerie for women

So, if you do have to look for a reason to look sexy, look no farther than your own self, and to how your intimate “others” feel about you. Looking sexy shouldn’t need a reason. Why justify to someone else, what’s of intimate concern just to you and your lover, partner or spouse.

Sure, there may be occasions where you “dress sexy for others” – like when you and your partner or lover go for an intimate getaway to a honeymooner’s resort, where all the guests are intimately clad. Or perhaps in other places, where lingerie for women is sexy because everyone else around you – like an intimate beach party – is wearing them. And Valentines lingerie for women makes great sense to wear when you get together with close friends to celebrate or commemorate a memorable event – like a first meeting or just marking the joy of being together.

But even on occasions like those, the reason wearing sexy undergarments should make sense isn’t because others are doing it – but because you feel liberated and empowered to do it; and because your lover or partner likes you that way.

Once women with any body types realize that the only reason that they need to look sexy is for themselves and their significant others, making a choice to wear sexy underwear comes naturally. And besides, when you have plus size sexy lingerie for women to make you sexy-on-demand, your body won’t need convincing to look sexy – it’ll just want to feel sexy and desirable all the time.

Why Women Should Care

It’s true that plus size sexy lingerie for women makes women more attractive and desirable. But, as we’ve said above, that is something between a woman and her lover – and no one else. Whether you are misses, petite or plus size, if you are comfortable with your body and your looks, then the only other person that you should worry about is the people you want to impress, excite or influence.

Dressing-up for bed, in pajamas or lingerie, is something that’s rather personal and intimate. But here’s the thing: Women should care about how they feel, especially in intimate situations, because that impacts many things:

  • Whether your lover is a guy or a gal, don’t you want to always keep that flame burning?
  • And, if there’s no flame yet, but it’s just a spark – don’t you want to turn that spark into a flame?
  • Most importantly, if you want to ignite a spark, especially if he/she may not be giving you the attention you crave, then wouldn’t you do whatever it takes, including dressing sexy?  

If the answer to any/all of those questions is “Yes!”, then women should care about their choice of undergarments and sexy clothing.

Thankfully, women in sexy lingerie have the upper hand, compared to those who believe “intimacy” is just about tight-fit dresses, butt-hugging shorts, an ordinary sexy dress, or a bust-busting bra and panties.  But there’s a more practical and “worldly” side to looking and feeling good, in their intimate best, that women must care about.

Wearing plus size sexy lingerie for women may actually help you in your career, your social relationships and your self-confidence.  I know…you’re probably going to say:

“What? Is she REALLY suggesting I wear my sexy intimates for work? Or maybe parade myself in my sexy lingerie set at the next women’s league meeting!”

No, of course not! That’s not why I’m suggesting women should care about wearing sexy intimate clothing. My suggestions are for a different reason – and they are grounded in science and psychology. And once you’ve understood the principles behind why I’m saying what I’ve said, you’ll understand why wearing lingerie for women makes sexy sense! You’ll agree that women should care about looking their intimate best – not at work or in the park! – but with their lovers, partners…and yes, even with “good friends”.   

Understanding Why Lingerie Works

Love, lust, desire, yearning, passion, craving…these feelings are driven by our minds. Our brains are wired to respond with those feelings in certain situations. For example, you may pass hundreds of men (and women!) on the street, and you’ll feel no passion or lust for them. But wearing plus size sexy lingerie for women, in an intimate situation, changes all that. Our bodies flood the brain with chemicals that tell us:

  • She looks gorgeous!
  • Her body is awesome!
  • She is hot!
  • She is SEXY!

And here’s where the fun begins!

It’s true lingerie is sexy on any woman – regardless of her body type. And that’s what arouses those feelings in our partners – male or female. But our lovers, partners and spouses aren’t the only ones impacted by their feelings. You, the woman at the center of it all – the one seen as gorgeous, awesome, hot and SEXY, now have amazing power. It’s as if people may pass you by everyday, without noticing or acknowledging you, but a flimsy piece of undergarment has transformed you into a sexy goddess!

The mind may make women in lingerie sexy to look at, to our lovers and partners. But it’s what those garments does to our bodies, which works those miracles. And that changes how we, women with plus sized bodies, feel about ourselves:

  • We feel equally (if not more!) wanted and desirable than even the sexiest of women we know!
  • Thanks to the garments we wear, our partners and lovers are more passionate during intimate sessions
  • That intimacy gives our self-confidence a tremendous boost
  • We see ourselves as liked, desired, loved and lusted over…which is great for mind, body and spirit   

Women in sexy lingerie don’t just make their partners feel good. Wearing the right types of sexy clothing, in the privacy of our intimate settings, also makes us feel good. And guess what? All that passion, lust and desire, transforms itself into poise, confidence and self-esteem in the outside world. Who would think that a simple decision, like wearing a Babydoll sexy lingerie set the night before, and indulging in a night of passion and mutual affection with a lover, spouse or partner, could do that much for your self esteem the next day?

Well…that’s why lingerie is sexy, and that’s why it works – every time! Once you discover the power of wearing plus size sexy lingerie for women, you’ll wonder why you haven’t worn them before. You’ll wonder how you didn’t realize that feeling good about yourself, your body and your intimate relationships, can have a liberating effect on your professional, personal and social life too!

Making The Right Choices

As we’ve seen from our discussions above, sexy intimate clothing can do wonders for you – not just for sex and intimacy, but also for your personal, social and professional life. So, what makes intimate undergarments look gorgeous, hot and sexy on a plus-size woman? Well, you might go to extreme lengths to choose the underwear you love, but making the wrong choice can negate all that effort.  

Plus Size Sexy Lingerie
Plus Size Sexy Lingerie

Here are four things to consider when you shop for your next set of sexy undergarments.



Color matters! For example, choosing Valentines lingerie for women is typically about color – Red. Sure, you could also go with blue or some other color, but the Day of the Lovers is traditionally for wearing a Red sexy lingerie set, and it would make sense to make that a theme.

But don’t let just a “typical” color dictate your choice of sexy underwear. Afterall, since you’re also dressing for that significant man or woman in your life, their color choices should matter too. Some men (and women!) love their spouses, lovers and intimate partners clad in black. If that’s what your partner likes, then maybe their color choices should factor into your choice in lingerie?        


When shopping for plus size sexy lingerie for women, it essential that you consider your fit. A specific style might look great on you. But if it isn’t a good fit, it won’t have the desired impact you’re longing to make in your intimate relationships with others. Remember, when we talked about women, wearing sexy clothes, triggering a positive chemical reaction on our lovers’ and intimate partners’ brains? Well, an ill-fitting bra, panty, camisole or corset can also have an equally inverse reaction.

The reason that lingerie for women looks sexy, to our intimate partners, is because when they cover our bodies, they project a certain “image” of us. It is that image that makes us look desirable and ravishing. If the undies we wear are lose-fitting or ill-fitting, they’ll fail to project the image we wish to show, and that defeats the entire purpose of wearing sexy intimates for our partners.


One reason that women in sexy lingerie are more likely to feel wanted and desired, is because they feel comfortable in the undergarments they’re wearing. A tight crimp, in an otherwise well-measured lace bra and panty, or an unsightly wedge in a typically good-fitting deep V Teddy, may not only make you feel uncomfortable, it could also do the same to your significant other!

When you find lingerie for women sexy, when you see it in a shop window or online store advertisements, it must also feel sexy when you wear it. What that means is every curve, swell and bump of your body must feel right when you wear the garments. If they tug, pull or wrench any part of your body, the person you’re with will see how uncomfortable you are. And that’ll make them feel extremely ill at ease too.

Just as the right bra feels good to wear for extended periods, plus size sexy lingerie for women that feels great may be worn for an entire evening or night of passion, without leaving tell-tale signs that you wore them. If the bras in sexy lingerie for women leave red marks around your breasts – they’ll feel tight.  And too tight panties leave unsightly bulges around your waist, or even wedges in your groin or crotch area. If your undergarments don’t feel right – they probably aren’t right!


The reason that women find lingerie sexy, is because it makes them feel sexy. It’s really that simple. The power to make another person – a spouse, partner, lover or “friend” – find you attractive and sexy is what drives most women to choose to wear sexy under clothing. But what some women fail to understand is that our bodies are continually evolving. Even a matter of six months may change how we looked just six months earlier!

It’s important to realize that our bust, tummies, butts and hips change over time. The measurements you used when you shopped for Valentines lingerie for women last year, may not be applicable for this year’s purchase. Our diets, exercise, hormonal changes, child birth, financial, social and professional stress – they can all add up to dramatically altar how we look.

So, to make lingerie sexy when you wear it, the measurements you use when choosing them should be the most current. A size too large, and your body will look larger than it is. A size too small and you’ll not only look unrealistic, but you’ll also feel uncomfortable throughout your intimate encounters.

Plus size sexy lingerie for women

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