Adhesive Front Closure Silicone Adhesive Nude Bra stick on bra

Amor Lady bra is strapless, very soft and clear, the micro edge design and nude color adhesive silicone make it seamless and invisible under your clothing in a comfortable and natural way.

  • The strapless bra is the greatest companion to outfits. No more embarrassing showing bra straps
  • Made of sticky and skin-friendly silicone adhesive. High-strength stickiness keeps your chest in a good and comfortable position without worrying about falling off.
  • Easy to wear, no hurts when peeling off,suitable for sensitive skin.

Stick on Bra: A Free Comprehensive Informative Guide

Currently, the demand for a Stick on bra is on an upward surge. Millions of women worldwide are growing accustomed to this cutting-edge underwear creating a wave of demand, unlike anything you’ve seen before.  This is the most appropriate time to avail this incredible form of Women’s adhesive bra in your business establishment.

  The rise in demand for these bras presents a massive opportunity for businesses to make mind-boggling profits. However, success is not a guarantee in the face of rising demand, as most people would like to believe.  Most business persons are tempted to work with the cheapest supplier in an attempt to make as much profit as possible. My dear, if you make such a poor decision, your business is most likely to tumble because cheap often translates to poor quality. Your business’s success is heavily dependent on your ability to avail the best adhesive bra products.

Logically, any business’s ability to satisfy all customers’ needs rests in the owner’s ability to pick out a dependable supplier. Unfortunately, selecting a reliable manufacturer and supplier is not an easy task in this day and age. Countless manufacturers are frantically seeking to establish themselves as the leading producers and suppliers of seamless adhesive bra merchandise.

Some of these manufacturers resort to unscrupulous manufacturing methods to make as much profit as possible. Choosing to work with such entities will undoubtedly lead to your business’s demise. Fortunately, this article offers a one-stop solution to all your stick-on bra supplier problems by providing answers to some critical questions.  


1. What fuels the demand for stick on bras?

Do you pay attention to the critical reasons behind the rising demand for your products? Most business persons overlook the value of understanding the vital factors behind the demand for their commodities. Such information is essential in setting up your business for success. So, what fuels the demand for adhesive stick on bras?

People tend to prefer certain types of underwear over others due to their comfort and sleekness. So, it is accurate to assume that your customers are drawn to this incredible underwear due to its comfort.  Countless women have attested that a lace stick on bra and a waterproof stick-on bra make their lives easier. They offer sufficient support to your customers’ boobs without the nuisance of straps digging into their skins.


To position your business for success, you should constantly ensure that your products can satisfy your customers’ needs. What exactly are these needs? As I mentioned, a considerable proportion of women prefer a stick-on bra due to its comfort. Several features come together to make a product comfortable. Some of these features include size, color, and functionality, to name a few.

A dependable self-adhesive bra lift supplier can incorporate all these features to create the perfect product for any of your customers. In a world where most manufacturers are accustomed to shortcuts, you can count on Amorlady for this and much more. We are one of China’s leading reusable adhesive bra manufacturers.


2. What distinguishes Amorlady from other stick on bra manufacturers?

Amorlady was established in 2008. Our products are fairly new in the market compared to other long-standing products such as fashion forms adhesive body bra. However, we have achieved much success within a short time. Currently, we boast of over twenty trading partners worldwide.  

Amorlady operates with the knowledge that our success is heavily dependent on the growth of our partners’ businesses. We differ from other manufacturers because we will go above and beyond to ensure your business’s success. Is that not enough to convince you to choose us as your stick-on bra supplier? If the answer is yes, here are a few things that will push you across that line of doubt.

i. We can provide custom-made products within a short turn-around time

Generally, people have varied tastes and preferences. Some of these preferences go beyond manufacturing confines. For example, a customer may want a unique design and color. If such a scenario arises, you don’t have to panic or resign to losing the customer.  Amorlady can provide custom sticky bras within the shortest possible time.  

ii. We manufacture different sizes of stick-on bras

 Most people assume that size matters only when dealing with traditional bras. If you ask any lady, they would tell you that wearing the wrong bra size is highly uncomfortable. This applies to all styles of underwear, including adhesive bra pads and pasties nipple covers. As a business person, you need to avail a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of different customers.

It is often a tussle to find a dependable supplier who can provide multiple sizes of bras. Fortunately, Amorlady is that solution you have been hoping and praying for. You can count on us for an extensive range of bra sizes, including an adhesive bra for a small chest.

iii. Our underwear are tested for safety and quality

A stick-on bra is the first attire that your customer puts on. So, it comes in contact with skin. Can you imagine a scenario where the bra causes skin infections and ailments? If you ever make the mistake of selling a contaminated product, I can assure you that your business will not survive.

stick on bra
stick on bra

Recently, there have been cases of some underwear manufacturers’ products making people sick. I can assure you that you will not have to worry about such cases if you choose to work with us. First, we manufacture all adhesive products using medical-grade silicone. Secondly, we taste all our products, including adhesive gel bras and adhesive plunge bras, to ensure they meet all safety and quality standards.

breast lift tape
Sticky bra manufacturer

Understandably, you might have some other questions concerning our stick-on bras. Our customer support team is on standby at all times to answer all your questions. Feel free to visit our website at and reach out to us through our website’s “contact us” page. It is our pleasure to respond to all your questions and guide you towards a lucrative and fulfilling partnership with us.   




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