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T-shirt: A Comprehensive FAQ Guidepost for Wholesalers, Retailers, and Supermarkets

The t-shirt, considered inconspicuous underwear for a long time, has steadily gained popularity over the years. Currently, it is a closet essential for most people. This garment has evolved from its inconspicuousness to a tool for proclaiming confidence in one’s physique. Whether you sell plain t-shirts or any other form of tees, there is no doubt that demand is at an all-time high. This is the best time to stock these incredible garments in your wholesale, retail shop, clothing brand, or supermarket.

Finding a dependable bulk t-shirts supplier is not an easy task.  Customers are always keen partial to unsophisticated tees. To entice and retain customers, you need to choose a supplier who can offer a perfect mix of simplicity and quality. The tiniest manufacturing specifics have considerable impacts owing to the simplicity of a t-shirt.


The fabric, interwove, seams, outline, edging, and the décolletage have to come together to create the perfect tee. An ideal manufacturer and supplier must combine these features perfectly to deliver the best t-shirts for men and women. I can definitely assure you that Amorlady is the best t-shirt maker and supplier any business person hopes to get.

 Nonetheless, our manufacturing and supply capabilities are not the only reason you should choose to work with us. This post paints a clear picture of Amorlady, what distinguishes us from other manufacturers, and why we are the ideal supplier for you.  It also offers answers to some frequently asked questions concerning our t-shirts.  

1. Who is Amorlady, and what tells us apart from other prospective suppliers?

Most garment makers like to refer to themselves as the leading manufacturers. So is Amorlady one of China’s leading t-shirt design and manufacturing companies? Frankly, I think our partners are the best people to answer this question. If I were to tell you Amorlady is a leading manufacturer, it would seem like a biased opinion. So all I can do is state some facts about Amorlady, what we’ve accomplished, and our core values as a company.

Well, Amorlady was born in 2008 as a women’s underwear manufacturer. Over the last ten years, we have expanded our manufacturing operations exponentially. Currently, we manufacture and supply different products to various trading partners across over 20 countries worldwide.  Amorlady’s t-shirts manufacturing department is one of our fastest-growing divisions. We have invested in top-of-the line manufacturing resources such as printing equipment for printed t-shirts.

It is important to note that our production is not limited to t-shirts for women and t-shirts for girls. We also produce an extensive array of cool t-shirts for men. Essentially, you can count on us for everything your customers may need. So why should you choose Amorlady as your supplier over other suppliers?

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve managed to create robust trade partnerships in over 20 countries worldwide within a short time. Looking back, I can confidently say we largely attribute our success to how we treat our partners. As a growing company, we understand that Amorlady’s success depends heavily on our partners’ success. Therefore, unlike other t-shirt suppliers, we go the extra mile to ensure your business’s success. Here are replies to some frequently asked queries concerning our products;  

i. Do you offer custom t-shirt manufacturing and supply?   

Yes, we can manufacture and supply any custom t-shirts your customers may need and deliver them within a reasonable time. At Amorlady, our ultimate goal is to propel your business to the next level by doing whatever it takes. This is one of the principal reasons we have countless custom t-shirt design ideas for you to choose from if the need arises.

Over the years, Amorlady has acquired lots of knowledge concerning the t-shirt market. I can confidently tell you that most businesses fail because they choose to work with suppliers offering cheap t-shirts. Unfortunately, cheapness often translates to low quality, and selling low-quality products is the fastest way to destroy your business. By choosing Amorlady, you will be sure of a steady supply of all types of tees, including vintage t-shirts at affordable prices.

ii. Do you offer multiple sizes of t-shirts?

Yes, we manufacture our products in a wide variety of sizes, including oversized t-shirts. Sizing is an essential element of comfort. It would be regrettable for you to order wholesale t-shirts without considering their measurements. Generally, people have different body sizes. Your business’s success is heavily dependent on your ability to satisfy the needs of all your customers.

Any shrewd business person will always aim to have a size that comfortably fits any customer. But, unfortunately, you cannot anticipate the actual dimensions that accommodate all your customers perfectly. Therefore, it would be best to avail a wide variety of sizes for every design, including V-neck t-shirts, wet t-shirt design, and logo t-shirts, to name a few.  You can count on Amorlady for a wide variety of sizes for whatever t-shirt option you have in mind.

iii. How is your delivery time?

Amorlady’s delivery times are one of the best in the industry. This is because we understand that time is a critical commodity for any business. Any delay in the delivery of products always harms your business. Choosing to work with us guarantees that your customers always find the t-shirts they need.

Whether it’s custom t-shirt printing services, personalised t-shirts, women’s graphics t-shirts, or any tee-type, you can count on us for fast delivery. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to place an order in advance before your stock runs out. Regrettably, most people wait until they run out of stock to place orders for new products, leading to avoidable mistakes. For instance, you will type in ‘t-shirt printing near me and choose the first supplier that pops up. Unfortunately, this often leads to the acquisition of low-quality products, which eventually harms your business.

iv. Do you provide OEM services?

Yes, OEM services are available at Amorlady. Do you run a t-shirts brand in any part of the world? You can count on us for OEM services across a wide range of popular designs. Some popular designs worth noting include be kind t-shirts, champion t-shirt, funny t-shirts, friends t-shirt, and comfort colours t-shirts, to name a few.

Understandably, you might have more questions concerning Amorlady’s t-shirts. If you need any assistance, our customer support team is always at your service. Visit our contact page on and talk to us.  More importantly, it would be best to remember that we are your best go-to partner for everything, including;

  • Custom t-shirt design
  • Custom t-shirt printing
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  • Cat t-shirts   

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